Why Hanging Ceramic Radiator Humidifiers?

All of our beautiful ceramic radiator humidifiers are imported from Europe and we ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship! Humidify your home easily and effectively using the heat from your existing radiators. Just hang the humidifiers and fill with tap water, that's it!

Why humidify your home? Homes with low humidity levels can lead to dry skin and inflammation of nasal passages and eyes, which can get in the way of a good nights sleep and general well being. Having the right humidity levels in your home can also reduce the amount of static build up and prevent warping of wood furniture.

With proper care these humidifier will last a lifetime, the same cannot be said with store bought electronic humidifiers or vapourizers.

Anti-Fungal Symbol

All of our ceramic humidifier are sprayed with an anti-fungal coating inside to help prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Ceramic humidifiers are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Just rinse with soap and water periodically.


Our ceramic humidifiers are compatible with aroma therapy scented oils. Simply place a few drops with each water filling and you'll experience the scents within minutes!